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Are you looking to strengthen and enhance the durability of your polycarbonate sheets? Look no further! We offer a variety of processes to laminate polycarbonate sheets that will fit your specific needs and requirements.

Our liquid adhesive lamination process involves applying a strong adhesive to one side of the polycarbonate sheet and pressing the sheets together. This process ensures a durable bond that can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Our film adhesive lamination process is perfect for those looking for a thin, yet sturdy bond between polycarbonate sheets. We apply a thin film adhesive to both sides of the sheets, stack them together, and heat them in a press to activate the adhesive and create a strong bond.

For even greater strength, we offer interlayer lamination, where we sandwich a layer of adhesive film between two polycarbonate sheets. This process produces a bond that can withstand high-impact and harsh environmental conditions.

If you require a high-strength bond, our extrusion lamination process is the perfect solution. This process involves extruding a layer of adhesive between two polycarbonate sheets and then applying heat and pressure to create a robust and long-lasting bond.

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